NETL Testing HeatX to Increase Efficiency in US Fossil Fuel-Based Power Plants

Oceanit is working alongside the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to demonstrate how HeatX can significantly improve the efficiency of the existing coal-fired power plant fleet and reduce carbon emissions. In a recent article, World Coal Magazine highlights this partnership and Oceanit’s successes at the Hawaiian Electric Company’s Kahe power plant presented at the 2019 International Pittsburgh Coal Conference.

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Global Carbon Emissions Rise to 37.1 Gigatons, Here Is What We Can Do

The Global Carbon Project report states that the major driver of the 2018 increase was higher electricity demand worldwide, leading to more coal-burning – primarily by China and India as their economies grew and more oil used in transport. Emissions in China were up 4.7% and India by 6.3% year on year. However, almost all countries are contributing to the accelerating emission rates.

HeatX Can Reduce Carbon Emissions by 200 Million Tonnes Per Year

What if the U.S. could reduce its overall carbon emissions by 180-200 million metric tonnes (MMT) per year by cleaning up a single element in how we currently produce fossil fuel-based energy?