Heat Exchangers


Biofouling Shield

Prevents tube blockages and combats the accumulation of unwanted bio-growth. Fouling increases downtime, reduces efficiency, and pollutes the environment.

Corrosion Protection

Prevents corrosion which weakens and cracks tubes resulting in leaks. Delays rust buildup which disrupts flow and decreases performance.

Dropwise Condensation

Promotes dropwise condensation to lower back pressure and improve operating efficiency in power generation cycles.

Significant Cost Savings

Both HeatX and HeatX+ improve operational efficiency, preserve or improve performance, and reduce maintenance costs.

How HeatX Works

HeatX is nanostructured to create a passivating layer that repels fouling, water, and oils, while protecting against corrosion

HeatX is easy to apply with minimal surface preparation

HeatX is water-based and contains no biocidal compounds. The omniphobic (water & oil repellant) nanocomposite properties create an extremely slick surface that releases bio films & growth.

In addition to being non-toxic and non-VOC-containing, HeatX is non-insular and can function under extreme pressures and temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Sheet

Fouling impacts performance

Fouling can reduce heat transfer efficiency of stream power plants and oil & gas refineries significantly. In seawater-fed exchanger trials with Hawaiian Electric, a HeatX-coated chiller was capable of handling 2x heat load when compared to an uncoated, fouled chiller. Downtime for maintenance was reduced from 20 days/year to just two days/year for the 12 months after HeatX was applied.

Performance issues

Plant maintenance costs attributable to heat exchangers & boilers


Heat exchanger efficiency loss due to fouling


Maintenance down-time reduction with HeatX


HeatX Characteristics

HeatX is an advanced low-surface energy, polymeric coating designed to impart chemical resistance and water & oil repellency to a wide variety of metals and coated surfaces.

  • Non-VOC, non-biocidal, non-toxic
  • Water-based (approximately 75%)
  • Non-insular, transfer heat
  • Effective at thicknesses of 2mil
  • Hydrophobic & oleophobic
  • Creates an ultra-slick surface
  • Strong adhesion, abrasion resistant
  • Functional under extreme pressures/temperatures
  • Pot life of 72 hours+ after mixing
  • Single, two-part polymer – not a multi-formula system
  • 30-90 minute cure time between coats
  • Fully cures in 12-24 hours

Hawaiian Electric Company & HeatX

Oceanit conducted a case study of HeatX in collaboration with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) a major utility company in the state of Hawaii. HECO mainly utilizes shell and tube heat exchangers in their power plants. Learn how HeatX significantly reduced biofouling and corrosion issues for HECO heat exchangers.

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